Reiscongee nach TCM im Glas

Congee based on TCM

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Our Congee is a rice meal that cleanses the body from the inside according to the findings of traditional Chinese medicine, and also replenishes the moisture stores of your skin.

Congee is a rice porridge that is popular in many parts of Asia. The rice is gently cooked for several hours. The result is a creamy porridge that is particularly gentle on the body and digestion, making it an excellent addition to many different diets.

We recommend the rice congee as a breakfast: simply warm it up briefly in a pot and enjoy the warm congee perhaps with a spoonful of fruit puree (for example, our moisturising Pear Puree). Start the day healthy and nutritious with our Congee based on TCM.


  • 1 x Congee based on TCM (150 g)