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Evening Ritual

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Rituals and routines are a great way of bringing good habits and structure into an otherwise demanding everyday life. An evening at the end of a long and stressful day should be there to bring you a sense of wellbeing. With this in mind, our Evening Ritual ensures relaxation and gets you ready for a restful night.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, a warm foot bath clears the head of all the bad energies of the day so that it’s clear at night and can regenerate ready for the next day. Alkali Salt has a deacidifying effect on the body; an alkaline milieu brings a rosy and radiant complexion to the skin.

In your package you’ll find all you need for a soothing Evening Ritual: a beuatiful carafe and a large foot bath made from enamel, and the Susanne Kaufmann™ deacidifying Alkali Salt.

Introduce a sense of nightly calm to your life with our Evening Ritual, noticeably improving sleep quality and general wellbeing in the process.

How to use

  • Fill your carafe with pleasantly warm water and sit down in a quiet and comfortable place
  • Put your feet in the foot bath and carefully pour in the warm water
  • Add one spoon of the salt and relax for at least 30 minutes

Included in the package

  • 1 x large enamel foot bath
  • 1 x enamel water carafe
  • 1 x Susanne Kaufmann™ deacidifying Alkali Salt (60 g)


  • Note from the manufacturer: The enamel products are produced on old tools with a lot of handicraft work. This makes the products particularly authentic. Small irregularities or unpainted areas, especially at transitions, are part of the production process and do not reduce the life of the enamel products.