Post Bezau for your home

"Our vision is to make health possible for everyone at any time. In our online shop, we focus on prevention and health maintenance. Our products and packages are sustainable and effective. 100 % natural and made in Bezau, our shop brings cures and more directly to your home."

Stephanie Rist & Susanne Kaufmann

Außenansicht vom Hotel Post Bezau mit Blick auf den Haupteingang, die Terrasse, den Brunnen und das Stammhaus
Außenansicht vom Hotel Post Bezau mit Blick auf den Haupteingang, die Terrasse, den Brunnen und das Stammhaus

The idea

For a long time, we had wanted to be close to our hotel guests at home. However, we lacked the capacity to realise this project during the hotel's ongoing operations. So we seized the opportunity during one of the most difficult phases for the hotel – the closure due to the Corona pandemic in autumn 2020.

First steps – an own delivery service

A delivery service was the fastest way to offer people outside the hotel the products from Post Bezau. Our kitchen created delicious soups, bowls and stews, which we delivered ourselves the next day. We received orders via phone or email and prepared them freshly according to demand. One restriction of the delivery service, however, was that it could only deliver to people in the Bezau area. From the beginning, it was our goal to be able to bring a piece of the Post to people's homes everywhere.

Hotel Post Signature Bowl
Hotel Post Signature Juicings

Launch of our online shop

In December 2020, the time had come to launch our online shop. The delicious homemade juices, soups and granolas were popular right from the start, so we had to quickly ramp up our production and professionalise the logistics to meet the demand. Our shop quickly established itself and soon completely replaced our delivery service. From now on, we could not only supply people in the region, but also send parcels to France, Germany or Switzerland.
With the online shop, we had found a way to make good use of the involuntarily available time and continue to supply people with the products from Post Bezau.

Detox Cure and Rituals

Our online shop reached its next level with the launch of our Detox Cure in early 2021. The cure with a selection of juices, soups, shots, granola and tea provides you with delicious and healthy products for several days and cleanses your body from the inside.
Our rituals – for example, the Evening Ritual with a Susanne Kaufmann™ deacidifying Alkali Salt, a foot bath and a water carafe, or the Detox Ritual with a herbal essence, Detox Oil and Acid Alkalizing Tea – have also been refined and have become a permanent part of our home offering.

Signature Juicing und Signature Suppe in der Detox Kur
Eine Person schreibt in ein Notizheft im ersten Digitalen Retreat der Post Bezau

Digital Post Bezau

Our goal for the future is to be able to offer our guests complete retreats at home - if they don't have time to visit us in Bezau. It is also much easier to integrate our retreats into everyday life. The first step towards Digital Rretreats at home has been the launch of our Digital Mindset Retreat in March 2022. In addition to selected products, customers receive personal sessions with our experts. Many more digital retreats are planned for the future. You can stay curious ...

If you would like to find out more about Post Bezau or are interested in an on-site retreat,
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